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 Hair Roots

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Here are some pictures of the LA rock scene from 1982 to 1990, 
where Stude "Snake" Slybone (aka Stu Simone) made his mark both as a musician and photojournalist.

Stu's first hair band was MAGIC, a shooting star of 80's LA Rock.   Their first gig was headlining the 1,000-seat Country Club (where signed bands such as Cheap Trick, UFO and Judas Priest also played.)  Combining stellar musicianship, great looks, a theatrical stage show (including magical illusions) and strong songs, and was soon involved in a record label bidding war.   Atlantic funded a master-quality demo, recorded at the legendary Record Plant by Andy Johns (who engineered "Stairway To Heaven" and later went on to produce Van Halen.)  But it was too much too soon, and the band broke up before they ever got signed.   Check out Stu's (many!) threads...  it took half the afternoon to put 'em all on!  Later on, the band had custom-designed instruments and clothes tailored by Motley Crue and Judas Priest's seamstress.

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