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 Hair Roots 8 / US '84

The day that the LA Hairband scene officially blew open world-wide was the second day of the 1984 US Festival.  200,000 witnessed the greatest day in LA rock history, when Quiet Riot opened the show, followed by Motley Crue and Ozzy Osbourne (with ex-Ratt guitarist Jake E. Lee debuting in place of tragically departed former Quiet Riot axe-slinger Randy Rhoads).   Van Halen finished off, not long before Diamond Dave parted ways.   Stu Simone was there, one of the only people with both a photo pass and a journalist's pass, and when he wasn't shooting the bands from the front of the stage, he was hanging out backstage with Nikki Sixx, Blackie Lawless and Kevin DuBrow.  (Photos never before published, 81984 by Stu Simone.)




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