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 Stu - Roots

  Hollywood was on fire in the 80's!  Not only were the clubs packed on the Strip, but even the sidewalks.  Every night there was at least one great show, and every night was a party 'til the morning light... or beyond!  Here are four snapshots from Stude's1982 birthday party:  Stu with Quiet Riot/Ozzy/Whitesnake bassist Rudy Sarzo, Vince Neil and Stephen Pearcy hanging together, Nikki Sixx in repose w/ Lita Ford in b/g, and Jake E. Lee (early Ratt/Rough Cutt/Ozzy/Badlands) still going strong at 8AM.   The fifth pic is of Ratt and friends backstage.  (Note Stude's hair after playing outdoor backyard party...  make sure your gear is grounded!)




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